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Risk Assessments

To help with the planning of your visit, The National Space Centre has produced a range of risk assessments that you can print out prior to your visit. Click on the following for a pdf version of our risk assessments.

We are sometimes asked to fill in a 'Provider Form'. Please select the Generic Provider Form which may help you complete your paperwork. If you contact our Bookings Team they can arrange to send you a signed version if it is necessary.

* Generic Provider form

•  StarDome Risk Assessment

•  Challenger Learning Centre Risk Assessment

•  General Visit Risk Assessment

•  Sleepover Risk Assessment

If you have any other enquiries please e-mail our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call 0116-258-2111


From our Blog:

Shuttle launch in the Challenger Learning Centre.As we wave goodbye to the summer we are ready to welcome all of our school visitors back to the National Space Centre. We are especially excited as we have a multitude of new goodies ready to offer for the new school year!


Scouting and Guiding:

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Space Missions:

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