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KS2 Workshops

Space Rock Investigation

Working scientifically students will observe, classify and test a variety of space rock samples to search for evidence of life on another planet. Collaborating in small teams using pH, density and organic testing students will find out more about Mars with our analogue Martian rocks.

Note: Unfortunately this is not available as an outreach programme.



 Recommended: Years 3 - 6

Curriculum links: Scientific enquiry, Rocks and Soils

Celebrating BepiColombo

Bepi Colombo. Image: AstriumOn Friday 5 October, the launch window opens for Europe’s newest spacecraft bound for the planet Mercury. Join us for a day celebrating this exciting mission and find out more about Mercury, the mission, and how Leicester scientists are involved.


Scouting and Guiding:

Fantastic packages for Scouting and Guiding Groups.

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Space Missions:

Blast off on one of our specatacular space missions!

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