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  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "The students really enjoyed and engaged with the mission"

    Geoffrey Whyne, teacher

  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "Thank you for giving the children such a unique experience."

    Ms de Bruyn, St Andrew's School, Weeley

  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "I will definitely be coming again!"

    Bronte Highfield, St. Andrew's Primary School

  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "It's rare to find engagement of this kind"

    Maria Stapenhill-Hunt, Thomas Deacon Academy

On Friday 13 December, the National Space Centre had the privilege of entertaining a very special guest. Colonel Chris Hadfield has spent more than a hundred and sixty days in space and joined us for an afternoon, answering questions from school children and members of the public.


Chris Hadfield is a Canadian born astronaut, now retired, who has made his way into space a total of three times. He made his way off the Earth for the first time in 1995 on his way to visit the Russian Space Station, Mir. Six years later Chris boarded the International Space Station (ISS) where he performed his first ever spacewalk. His second, and most recent, trip to the ISS saw him take the role of Commander.

Chris’ dedication to public engagement in space exploration has made him the most loyally followed astronaut on social media sites. During his time on the ISS, Chris never ceased to amaze his followers with amazing photos and videos from Earth’s orbit. Just before leaving the ISS he posted a video of a microgravity rendition of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, which has gained over nineteen million views. During his time in space he created many educational videos to engage the public with life and science in space. Check out one of Chris’ videos about how we recycle water on the ISS.

Chris commits considerable effort into inspiring the next generation of space scientists and during his visit he talked to students and general public about his experiences. Chris discussed the kind of training that astronauts must undertake to prepare for space. He took visitors through the tough physical challenges that astronaut’s face when they launch into space and return to the Earth, and what it is like to float in the microgravity environment of the ISS.

With his wealth of experience, Chris pleased our visitors as he opened his talk to the audience. Students were given the chance to interact with Chris and ask their burning questions about space.  Some of our questions included; how do you wash your clothes in space, what was your favourite science experiment aboard the ISS, and what is it like when you land back on Earth? Why not book one of our Ask the Expert programmes and we can answer those questions for you.