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  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "The students really enjoyed and engaged with the mission"

    Geoffrey Whyne, teacher

  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "Thank you for giving the children such a unique experience."

    Ms de Bruyn, St Andrew's School, Weeley

  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "I will definitely be coming again!"

    Bronte Highfield, St. Andrew's Primary School

  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "It's rare to find engagement of this kind"

    Maria Stapenhill-Hunt, Thomas Deacon Academy


The British weather did what it does best over the Bank Holiday and thanks to the rain we had one of the busiest half term holiday weeks on record!


Of course the rain wasn't the best weather for our new look, but the dark sunglasses are a must when you are a Special Agent hunting Aliens!

Yes, this half term was all about Men in Black, the team put on their dark sunglasses and let the visitors in on some tricks of the trade when it comes to finding aliens; where we might find them, what kind of planets they might live on and what they might look like.

We had to remove the sunglasses to present the tours of the night sky in the Sir Patrick Moore planetarium, it gets very dark in there. The planetarium is an amazing tool to show visitors the wonders of the stars, the planets and deep sky objects.

We have lots of brilliant projects coming up too including one I am most excited about, our conference call with Tim Peake on 20 June. He is the UK's first ESA astronaut and will be working in a special underwater research laboratory as part of a NASA project called NEEMO. We are going to broadcast the call live in the galleries and ask him all sorts of questions (No fish jokes please).

I would love to stick around and chat but the hunt for Alien life is still on and my expertise is needed elsewhere... Somebody hand me my shades, and can I just ask you to quickly look into this little red light for me.