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Question Time

George Fraser

We have only just recovered from half term. I have never seen so many visitors!

We were also very fortunate to have a real life rocket scientist answering our visitors' questions in the Space Now gallery.

Professor George Fraser is from the University of Leicester, and I have been lucky enough to meet him on many occasions. He's been involved in many exciting space missions, so it was an honour to have him share his time and expertise with us.

He was one of the lead scientists in the Beagle 2 mission to Mars in 2003 and is involved in the BepiColombo mission to Mercury , which looks set to launch in 2015.

He joined me on the stage to answer lots of questions about aliens and exoplanets, and spoke to us about exciting developments in the search for life on Mars.

He answered many space-related questions from the audience, although the highlight of the week for me was a question from one of our younger visitors who wanted to know if 'when you go to the moon, can you pick up moon dust and then make a wish to make you happy?' – it certainly left the audience smiling!

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