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  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "The students really enjoyed and engaged with the mission"

    Geoffrey Whyne, teacher

  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "Thank you for giving the children such a unique experience."

    Ms de Bruyn, St Andrew's School, Weeley

  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "I will definitely be coming again!"

    Bronte Highfield, St. Andrew's Primary School

  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "It's rare to find engagement of this kind"

    Maria Stapenhill-Hunt, Thomas Deacon Academy

It just keeps getting better!

This week started off fast and gained speed exponentially!

It was with almost military precision that the Olympic torch relay left from the courtyard of the National Space Centre at 07:12 on Tuesday morning amid a lot of cheering and shouting from, not only the assembled crowds, but also 140 brownies, girl guides and cub scouts who slept in our galleries the night before.

They all had a front line view of the spectacle which was to take place prior to the torch's departure.

It was a very early wake up call for all of our sleepover guests on Tuesday morning at 5am. I was up even earlier to get things ready; I think I managed about 3 hours sleep!

We all had to have breakfast and be assembled outside in the courtyard by 06:30. Charlie, Josh and I were doing some amazing demonstrations, which included making elephant's toothpaste, flaming bubbles and colour-changing water, to demonstrate just some of the exciting things we do here for our visitors.

To make sure everyone was in the correct place there were Storm Troopers on patrol, and even Darth Vader made an appearance.

At 06:55 the torch was delivered to us by Jet Pack Man who, quite literally, flew in from behind our Rocket Tower and landed in the courtyard entrance to awe and wonder from the assembled crowds, not to mention a lot of jet noise!

With the torch delivered, it was only a matter of minutes before the countdown began and the Olympic torch left to a hail of blow rockets from the brownies, guides and cub scouts and a tremendous cheer from everyone, as it continued on the remainder of its journey to the Olympic Park in London.

PS - We do have another sleepover event this weekend, but luckily other members of the team are running this one!