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Neil Armstrong

This week we received the tragic news, that following complications from his heart surgery, Neil Armstrong had passed away.


With all of us in the Education team having a love of space and space exploration, this was a huge loss.
Neil has inspired generations to pursue their interests in exploring the unknown.


He was just a boy from a small city in Ohio and his love of flying would push him to achieve the impossible.
His first real chance to develop his flying skills came in 1949 when he joined the military as a naval aviator. From there he went on to a career as an aircraft test pilot flying over 200 aircraft in 900 flights!

In order to pay tribute to this man we decided we would provide a short retrospective into Neil's journey into the history books and beyond. Throughout this week we have been running regular short talks covering Neil Armstrong's life, giving the public a chance to remember this great man with us. We have found that over the week, many people have wanted to join us and learn about the career of the world's most famous astronaut.

Having spent most of his time out of the public eye, details of Neil's life can prove elusive to all but the most persistent of inquirers. We found our visitors have really enjoyed hearing about one of Earth's greatest explorers.
Neil Armstrong has motivated people to push for the impossible, and here at the National Space Centre we have shared a journey into this great man's life and career.

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