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  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "The students really enjoyed and engaged with the mission"

    Geoffrey Whyne, teacher

  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "Thank you for giving the children such a unique experience."

    Ms de Bruyn, St Andrew's School, Weeley

  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "I will definitely be coming again!"

    Bronte Highfield, St. Andrew's Primary School

  • Education at the national Space Centre

    "It's rare to find engagement of this kind"

    Maria Stapenhill-Hunt, Thomas Deacon Academy

 As we approach Halloween the National Space Centre is getting a lot creepier: we are well and truly into our half term programmes.

 The whole team have been working hard to prepare and deliver lots of spooky stuff for our visitors to enjoy.

This week and next we have lots of things for you to come and experience. One of our most popular activities over the past week has been our slime workshop. Kids and grownups have been mixing up a storm; We helped them make over 500 slimes in just two days!

To keep up with this goo-making frenzy we have been on the phone to our suppliers all day to get more raw materials! Don’t panic, we have a huge shipment of Alien snot on its way over from Alpha Centauri as we speak. We all know Alien snot is the main ingredient in slime, we can’t tell you the other one, as we don’t want to reveal all of our secrets.

We have also had our mad professors sharing their top monster making tips. All you budding Dr Frankensteins can come along to our talks and discover what science is used in our monster workshop. All the important parts such as skin, hair and blood will be created in front of your eyes!

We shouldn’t forget about our fantastic tour of the night sky in our Planescarium! Join us as we take you into the skies of Leicester and the rest of the world in search of some spooky sights. This traditional planetarium show gives you a chance to take a careful look into Space and let your imagination highlight some of the spookier objects we can see from here on Earth!

Our spooky science activities are running every day during half term until 4 November. So come down and get in the Halloween spirit, before all the spirits get you!