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Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium

The Life of Stars

The Life of Stars

The night sky may look peaceful and unchanging, but the stars that you see are the powerhouses of the Universe - blazing, gargantuan fireballs with fascinating life-and-death stories full of creativity and destruction.

Learn how stars are born and how their lives, can even more dramtically, end. 

Immediately following is the full-dome film BIG, which takes you on a journey from the Earth to the most distant objects in our Universe.

Recommended: Years 9-11 

Curriculum links: Stellar Evolution, the Universe.

NOTE:  Subject to availability

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Shuttle launch in the Challenger Learning Centre.As we wave goodbye to the summer we are ready to welcome all of our school visitors back to the National Space Centre. We are especially excited as we have a multitude of new goodies ready to offer for the new school year!


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