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Space Missions

Voyage to Mars

Voyage to MarsMission Objectives: To relieve a crew who have been living and working on Mars for two years. To send a probe to one of the two Martian Moons.

Scenario: It is the year 2076. A now routine Voyage to Mars has brought the latest human crew into Martian orbit. The crew arriving from Earth on the Mars Transporter Vehicle has been specially trained to replace the existing crew, which has manned Mars Control for the past two years.

After arriving on the Martian surface, the team will collect and analyse a number of planetary samples and data. This information is vital to scientists and explorers for a better understanding of the Red Planet

Mission date: Year 2076

Requirements for accomplishing a successful mission:

The crew working in Mars Control will need to maintain the safety of the team in space. To achieve this they must give instructions, research and analyse data sent from the crew in the spacecraft.

Recommended for: Years 8 - 10

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Space Missions:

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