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Space Missions

Earth in Danger

Mission Control

Mission Objective: To locate and identify an unknown object heading towards the Earth.

Scenario: The Earth is in danger from an unknown Near Earth Object  (NEO) heading towards it. Your team has been brought together as the best the world has to offer in order to board the secret space station and find out more about the object in the hope of reducing its Torrino level hazard rating and thus saving the World from impending doom.

We offer two versions of this mission, a two and a half hour mission, and an hour-long one.

Two and a half hour mission:

These missions focus on team skills such as communication, problem solving, co-operation and decision making.

1hr mission:

In this 1 hour version groups experience a truncated version and do not change sides.

Recommended for: Key Stage 3+ upwards

From our Blog:

Shuttle launch in the Challenger Learning Centre.As we wave goodbye to the summer we are ready to welcome all of our school visitors back to the National Space Centre. We are especially excited as we have a multitude of new goodies ready to offer for the new school year!


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