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KS1 Gallery Trails

Our Key Stage 1 Gallery Trails encourage fun and exploration. Download them here for your class.

To achieve the best quality copy when printing any of these trails in black and white please use the grey scale option in your printer settings.


Night and Day


This trail is aimed at KS1 children studying the topic of night and day. Within the trail there are questions to encourage learning about the sun, the sky and light and dark. The children need to explore the galleries to help them to answer the questions. The trail can also be used with the night and day theatre show.

Links with national curriculum: Sc3 light and Dark

Links with QCA schemes: 1D Light and Dark

Download the Night and Day Trail

Download the Night and Day ANSWERS

Countdown trail


The purpose of the trail is to encourage children to use mathematical observations and vocabulary in a fun and interesting way. Throughout the trail the children will encounter problem-solving activities they can complete.

They will work with 2d and 3d shapes and use vocabulary to describe them. There are also aspects of counting and estimating within the trail.

Links with national curriculum: Ma3 Shape, space and measures, Ma2 Numbers and the number system.

Links with NNS: ordering and counting.

Download the Countdown trail

Download the Countdown ANSWERS