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KS2 Workshops

Alien Evolution

Discover how life on other planets might have evolved in this creative and interactive workshop. Find out the basics of the theory of evolution and how it is driven by adaptation and survival. Working in small teams, create your own Alien creature, based around real-life animals and environmental factors, using our custom-made software. Share with your group and see if it will survive!

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Through practical hands-on experiments and demonstrations children will learn about different weather types, how they are formed and forecast. 


Recommended: Years 3 - 6

Curriculum links: weather, working scientifically 



It IS Rocket Science

It IS Rocket ScienceIn this live, exciting and explosive show, explore the history of rockets - from the colourful fireworks of ancient times, to the mighty space exploring rockets of today. Join us as we investigate the fiery power of rocket fuel, the explosive nature of forces and much more.

Recommended: Years (3)/4 - 11 (please ask for the suitability of year 3)
Note: This is a live interactive science show and has a charge of £75.00 per show  (subject to availability)

Destination Mars

Working scientifically students will observe, classify and test a variety of space rock samples to search for evidence of life on another planet. Collaborating in small teams using pH, density and organic testing students will find out more about Mars with our analogue Martian rocks.

Note: Unfortunately this is not available as an outreach programme.


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Life in Space

Are you Suited for Space

This is an exciting, informative workshop whereby students can find out what it is like to be an Astronaut living and working on the International Space Station. We explain the dangers of carrying out an EVA (spacewalk) and why the different layers of the Space suit are necessary to protect the Astronaut.

Explore topics like why losing pressure in a space suit could be life-threatening and see the devastating effects of increasing kinetic energy.

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NXT Mars Rover Challenge

MarsYardHave your class always wanted to be robotics engineers, programming a rover to complete challenges across the surface of Mars? Well now you have the chance to bring your class here to the National Space Centre to do just that, by taking part in the National Space Centre’s interactive Mars workshop.

Working in small groups your children will find out more about Mars rover missions, how to programme one of our LEGO NXT robots and then compete in some Mars challenges.

Note: Unfortunately this workshop is not available as outreach.

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Earth, Moon and Sun

Earth Moon and Sun

This workshop is split into 3 main parts to discover the relationship between the objects we see in the sky. Each of the parts covers each of the objects through practical demonstration and space quiz. Students can then construct their own moon wheel, showing each of the moon phases, which they can take home.


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The Great Rocket Challenge

Rocket makingWorking to a budget, students must work together to design, construct and launch their rocket to 'land' on the Moon. Their craft must be designed based on strict criteria and materials purchased on a budget. Which team will win the race?

Working in teams of 3 to 6, they compete to see who can build the best, and most successful, rocket which goes to the Moon.


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