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KS3 Gallery Trails

Our Key Stage 3 Gallery Trails encourage fun and exploration. Download them here for your class.

To achieve the best quality copy when printing any of these trails in black and white please use the grey scale option in your printer settings.

The Comets Trail

Great Comet

This trail is recommended if your group is participating in the Challenger Comet mission or the Earth Under Threat workshop. Through this trail students will find out more about comets, Near earth objects and the people who discovered them. They will collect information and use this to crack a code.

Download the Comets Trail

Astrotours – Solar system Travel Agency


This trail covers work for KS2/3 students. The children are part of a travel agency advertising the benefits of different planets to alien visitors. To do this students must explore the galleries to find out different facts about the planets. Once they have collected all the information and answered the questions the students should have collected enough information to present their findings.

This activity can be used post visit with the attached worksheets.

Links with National Curriculum: Sc4 Earth and Beyond NLS – speaking and listening presentationss

QCA schemes: unit 5e Earth and Beyond – 7L solar system and beyond

Download the Astrotours trail

Download the Astrotours ANSWERS