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KS3 Workshops

Colonising Mars


Working in small groups, students will carry out a selection of tests and experiments. Using the data gathered from these tests they will discuss and decide on the best choices to implent when designing a prospective base on Mars. The tests will cover topics such as radiation and respiration and by investingating them, the students will learn of the challenges that await us on the red planet.

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In this interactive workshop, students get the chance to learn, challenge and experiment with something we all take for granted these days, Satellites. They affect our daily lives more than we realise, from communications systems, to weather forecasts and even space exploration. During this investigation of satellites, students will participate in activities which demonstrate how satellites work, what they are used for, and how they stay in orbit.

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It IS Rocket Science

It IS Rocket ScienceIn this live, exciting and explosive show, explore the history of rockets - from the colourful fireworks of ancient times, to the mighty space exploring rockets of today. Join us as we investigate the fiery power of rocket fuel, the explosive nature of forces and much more.

Recommended: Years (3)/4 - 11 (please ask for the suitability of year 3)
Note: This is a live interactive science show and has a charge of £75.00 per show  (subject to availability)

Mars Lander

This creative workshop will put student's engineering and design skills to the test as they build a parachute for a Martian probe. After learning about Martian probes the students will work in small teams to manage resources, design and build a new novel parachute. Their creation will then be put to the test, as each teams Egg-onaut plummets from the roof, hoping to survive.

Note: Unfortunately this workshop is not avalable as outreach

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Our Earth under Threat

Earth Under Threat

A team building workshop in which groups need to work in separate teams to deal with a possible Earth impact from a Near Earth Object. After receiving information about Near Earth Objects the students will then take on the role of a crisis team formed to help avert disaster on Earth. The workshop is concluded when the presenter amazes the audience by creating a replica of a comet.

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NXT – Martian Rover Explorer

NXTThis is an interactive workshop using Maths, computing and problem solving skills to program the LEGO NXT rovers to complete challenges on Martian terrain mats. Using co-ordinates, angles and measurements your students must program their rovers to destroy the alien, remove boulders from the transportation area, return the NASA rover to its charging point and then make it to the digging site.

However, there is a dust storm approaching so the rovers must be quick to complete their mission.

Note: Unfortunately this workshop is not available as outreach


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Life in Space

Are you Suited for Space?This is an exciting, informative workshop whereby students can find out what it is like to be an Astronaut living and working on the International Space Station. We explain the dangers of carrying out an EVA (spacewalk) and why the different layers of the Space suit are necessary to protect the Astronaut.

Explore topics like why losing pressure in a space suit could be life-threatening and see the devastating effects of increasing kinetic energy.

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The Great Rocket Challenge

Rocket Science

With a small budget students must work together to design, construct and launch a rocket to 'land' on the Moon. The craft must be designed based on strict criteria, and using only materials purchased with their budget. Which team will win the great rocket race?

Working in teams of 3 to 6, children work together to find out what variables influence the speed and the distance their rocket will fly. Students complete the workshop by competing to see which rocket goes to the Moon and then share their results with the other groups.

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