An Education Presenter is on stage in a blue flight suit, presenting a talk to a public audience.

Who's who? - Space Communications

Get to know a little more about the people behind the amazing things the Space Communications Team offer, such as the development and presentation of live talks and busks, themed around both the obvious and obscure questions you may have about space.

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Education - Presenters

Space Communications

  1. Zoe (1)

    Public Programmes Manager - Zoe

    Zoe initially joined the Education team in 2013 after completing her masters degree in Natural Sciences, taking on Public Programmes Manager in June 2024.

    She thinks space science is amazing as people with lots of different skills have to work together. She is currently working on her PhD in neuroscience and enjoys gaming and crafting.

  2. Alex (2)

    Space Comms Team Leader - Alex

    Alex is one of the original members of the Space Communications team, from back when it was created in 2018, after joining the Centre as Space Crew three years prior. He has a degree in Drama and Creative Writing, and can be often found in various musicals and plays in the Leicester area.

  3. Emma (10)

    Space Comms - Emma

    Emma joined the Space Centre in 2022, becoming full-time in 2023. She has a degree in Maths, yet has always had an interest in space. As a child, she built and flew rockets with her grandfather (he has a lot to answer for!). Emma wants to pass on her enthusiasm for all things space to the world!

  4. Katie (1)

    Space Comms - Katie

    Katie has been working as a Space Communications Presenter since 2022. After graduating from the University of Leicester with a BSc in Physics in 2023, she joined the team full time and has been slaying ever since. She is passionate about space and education but her greatest love of all is spending too much money on blind boxes.

  5. Mike (1)

    Space Comms - Mike

    Mike joined the Space Centre in 2017, moving to the Space Comms team in 2021. He was quickly established as the member of staff able to consume the most hot dogs in a single session.