1 hour Space Mission Experience

DSC07050 Boy Headset

1 hour Mission Activity

This immersive space mission activity takes a class of students through a mission to a Martian laboratory in which they must work in teams to solve problems, answer questions and deal with emergencies. Time is running out and they must return important samples from the red planet, back home to Earth. Drawing on a variety of skills and covering a wide range of curriculum focused tasks, can your team find examples of life on Mars, and get home safely before it is too late? 

DSC07056 Escape Pod Clapping

Slots are only available as part of a visit to the National Space Centre and can be booked as an addition to normal admission prices, through the bookings team.

[email protected]

Price: £240 plus vat 

Activity length : 1hr

Age group: Year 5 – Year 8

Suitable number for activity: 12 - 33


Topic areas covered:

  • Science – plants, electricity and circuits, living things
  • Numeracy – problem solving, addition and subtraction, coordinates
  • Literacy – reading and communication skills

*Not all topics are covered by all teams