The National Space Centre can come directly to your school, to deliver fantastic workshops in-house, or for you to experience a tour of the night sky in our StarDome, Portable Planetarium!


The StarDome is a portable, inflatable planetarium, which fits into most school halls or gyms. It is 6 metres in diameter, approximately 4 metres high and with space inside for about 30 children or 25 adults to take part in a session within the dome at any one time.

Please check your available space before booking.

The StarDome recreates a dark night sky with hundreds of brilliant points of light splashed across the inside of the dome. The stars are projected into their positions for any time of the year. It is also possible to draw the constellation pictures from different civilisations so that you have a show that will entrance your students.

Our StarDome presenters use a range of media both inside and outside the dome to bring space and astronomy to life.