Operation Space Station is a highly interactive video conference.

Students get the chance to interact with the Commander from the National Space Centre, who will set them two different but very related challenges.

They will complete these challenges by building their own Space Station and then decide which crew and equipment best supports their mission. This will be done with limited budgets and time constraints.

The students will have to work as a team (approx 5 to 6 students) to problem-solve the best way to build a Space Station, based on the equipment they have. They will need to answer questions and that arise during the programme which can earn them extra credits enabling them to extend their Space Station. 

After they have constructed their Space Station points will be awarded to each team to discover the overall winning team of the challenge.

This video conference is suitable for a class of 36 or less.

Running Time: 75 Minutes

Curriculum Links

Key stage 2 - yrs (4) 5 & 6

Speaking and listening

Group discussion and interaction


Handling data 


Life processes and living things

Physical Processes

Design and technology 

Key Stage 3 - yrs 7 & 8


Practical and enquiry skills

Organisms, behaviour and health

The environment, Earth and universe

Design and Technology

Designing and making


Key processes