Two astronauts performing repairs on a Space Shuttle.

Living and Working in Space

How do astronauts eat in space?

What’s it like to go to the toilet in space?

Is it safe to go outside of the ISS?

All these questions will be answered, and more, in our Living and Working in Space interactive session. All aspects of life as an astronaut will be covered from training to spacewalks, health to the dangers of space. Students will get an in depth understanding of what it’s like to be an astronaut, and will get to consider how routine activities on Earth, such as going to the toilet, are very different in a microgravity environment.


Running time:

1 hour



KS2-KS3 (Years 3-9)


Curriculum links:

Animals, including humans

Living things and their habitats

Earth and space


Skeletal and muscular systems




Communication and Language

Speaking and listening